Handicraft market

Wooden stalls selling various souvenirs and slightly tacky goods – a typical sight at Serbian tourist resorts.

If all that Drvengrad and Mećavnik was missing to be considered a proper tourist spot were some market stalls, then problem solved!

However, the real motive behind the creation of a small market in Drvengrad on Mećavnik was slightly different: to inspire people to take their destiny into their own hands and to do something for themselves and their families.

It began as a small affair, with one or two stalls being used free of charge to sell mainly knitwear. However, year on year the Mokra Gora locals have developed the business with handicrafts and souvenirs, as well as selling a few mass-produced goods here and there, but that common energy, still making use of stalls provided free of charge, has made the lives of several families easier and better.

Everything at the market, apart from the stalls themselves, is owned and produced by those selling their wares. It’s not that Mećavnik is trying to distance itself from them; quite the opposite, we want to highlight the creativity of the locals here.

Having said that, Mećavnik does not accept responsibility for any customer complaints.

Opening hours: from dawn till dusk.