Drvengrad Tourist centre

About Us

When we say ‘About Us’, we mean our guests and us. Hundreds of thousands of our guests and visitors already know that Drvengrad on Mećavnik is a tourist centre with four stars. That’s how it’s classified according to Serbia’s current laws on hotel ratings, which don’t provide for ‘hotel towns‘, which Drvengrad certainly is, like Sveti Stefan in Montenegro.

Whatever the law says, even if it claims to know us better than we do ourselves, the guests and visitors to Mećavnik are at the heart of everything we do. And even though there isn’t a ratings system for it, we can proudly say that all our guests come with four or five ‘stars’!

In the synergy between Drvengrad and the Mladost Guest House at the Iver Ski Resort, we share 115 rooms with 183 beds, 500 chairs in restaurants and 350 more on restaurant terraces, 550 seats in three cinema or congress halls, 20 places in a children’s playroom or crèche, and 150 spaces at the open-air ‘Gavrilo Princip’ Amphitheatre.

Mećavnik and the Ski Resort are run by ’Lotika’ Ltd. from Mokra Gora, a company founded and owned by Emir Kusturica.