Lotika Restaurant

The menu in this restaurant is adorned with traditional Serbian dishes and to make things even more special all the food and drinks that are served are homemade – there are no brand-name goods.

Most of the vegetables served are grown in Emir Kusturica’s fields and greenhouses, while the milk and other dairy products are from his farm’s dairy and barn.

The homemade meals, which smell like our grandmas’ cooking, are served in a homely, slightly old-fashioned atmosphere, which is more modest than pretentious.

The artistically painted walls in the restaurant, depicting brawls in village taverns, are a part of this atmosphere.

Of course, no self-respecting Serbian restaurant would be complete without the traditional checked tablecloths hanging over the tables, and there are around seventy wooden chairs, one for each guest the restaurant can accommodate. If we’re full inside, there’s room for another 100 or so diners on the benches on the restaurant’s terrace.

Opening hours: 9am-9pm