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The Kapor Bar

If he could have, Momo Kapor would have spent every breathing moment in the bars and pubs where he sat with friends, writing and creating – in other words, being bohemian.

Momo Kapor will never leave this bar on Mećavnik, which he loved beyond words, as he did Kusturica. As long as the bar and Mećavnik are here, so too will Kapor be.

Bathed in the charisma his name carries, people love to gather here, next to the fireplace and the shelves crammed with over 2000 books – people driven by art, by music, by their spirit.

From here there are the most breathtaking views of Mokra Gora, for whoever feels like admiring them while having a drink to the strains of the piano or a chamber jazz ensemble. From here the notes drift off into the night until dawn finally breaks.

But, with such an atmosphere, there’s only room for 35 guests.

Kapor liked to choose his company, too. Never too many people.

As for the opening hours, well there aren’t any. That way no-one can flout them.