Konak Pizzeria and Café

More of a café than a pizzeria, it is located at Diego Armando Maradona Square under the same roof as the ‘Damned Yard’ Cultural and Sports Centre and is the most popular place at Mećavnik.

Konak’s pizzas are prepared to an authentic Italian recipe and its drinks menu offers only local beverages.

There are all types of coffees and hot drinks from the coffee machine, but Konak also serves traditional Serbian coffee… with the obligatory cube of Turkish delight, of course!

This is where Emir Kusturica has his morning cup of coffee, at around midday.

Part of the wall in one corner of Konak is a shrine to the most famous guests to have visited Mećavnik or personal friends of Emir Kusturica who he has visited, like Jarmusch, Depp, Tyson, Putin, and Mikhalkov.

Konak’s walls are also adorned with old, black-and-white photographs of Mexican desperadoes, who the waiters sometimes say are old locals from Mokra Gora in order to please curious guests.

Under the watchful gaze of Che Guevara and Castro from the walls, beside the fireplace or to a melody from the piano, parts of which were used by the builders as shuttering, there’s room for 80 guests, while the same number can sit on the terrace, waiting to get inside, which everyone wants to do – because they’re expecting to find Kusturica inside with his family and friends.

Opening hours: 7am-midnight