The dairy

A few hundred metres from Mećavnik, on the road to the Iver Ski Resort, alongside the barn and the hayloft, stands the dairy – a masonry building with walls clad in Herzegovinian stone where milk, sour milk, cream, and cheese are produced for use in Mećavnik’s restaurants.

The milk used at the dairy is exclusively from the barn of Emir Kusturica’s registered farmstead, from our Gatačko cattle, an old breed that are native to the region.

These cows are not fed concentrates or corn (so there are no aflatoxins in the milk!), but only natural, fresh grass from the slopes of Mt Tara (free pasture in the meadows), hay, clover and barley meal from our own fields.

The dairy products are produced honouring the traditions of the local, Zlatibor region – with the aid of a ‘Smederevac’ wood-burning stove.