The ‘Stanley Kubrick’ Cinema

The first cinema at Mećavnik, it is located beneath Emir Kusturica’s house.

Its auditorium seats 100 people and the Phillips FP5 35mm projector and Dolby Digital Surround provide crystal clear pictures and breathtaking sound for the audience to experience films on the 2.5×5 metre screen.

The cinema shows all of Emir Kusturica’s feature, documentary and short films: ‘When father was away on business’, ‘Do you remember Dolly Bell?’, ‘Time of the Gypsies’, ‘Black cat, white cat’, ‘Underground’, ‘Life is a miracle’, ‘Promise me this’, ‘Super 8 stories’, ‘Maradona’, ‘Blue Gypsy’, and ‘Our Life’, as well as the concert performed by Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra in Argentina.

Short films are shown every day from 10am to 6pm every half hour, while screenings of feature-length theatrical films and documentaries are organised at the request of guests in a separate timeslot.

The auditorium of the ‘Stanley Kubrick’ is also used for congresses, seminars, workshops and promotions.