A Regional Fire-Rescue Unit ”Mokra Gora”

The Fire-Rescue Department Mokra Gora is a part of Fire-Rescue Battalion Užice. This department was founded and started working on the 17th of September 2008. Since then, it has been in standby and operating mode of firefighting units within the Sector for Emergency Situations of MOI Serbia.

It is located in the premises of the Hotel ”Drvengrad – Mećavnik” and it has got all the necessary working conditions 24 hours a day. The premises are comfortable and adapted for the work of such a unit. At the disposal of the employees, there are two garages for the storage of two fire trucks and space for everyday stay and work. There are furnished living room with a kitchen and a bathroom, as well as a room for a night break. The work is done in 4 shifts within 24 hours and with a total of 8 firefighters. There are two fire vehicle available – a fire engine ТАМ Т5000 with 3000 liters of water and foam extract fire extinguisher and forest fire truck ТАМ 150 with 2500 liters of water. Both vehicles have a pump and complete protective and other equipment. All firefighters are equipped with personal protective equipment. The unit is equipped with some equipment for technical interventions, equipment for work in night conditions (aggregates, reflectors), liaison equipment, etc. Fire-rescue Department Mokra Gora protects the territory of Local Community Kremna and Mokra Gora, the entire territory of the Nature Park Mokra Gora and the area covered by forests in state and private ownership Šargan, Panjak, Stolac, Kršanje, Oštrelj and a part of Mountain Tara leading towards Mitrovac and Zaovine Lake.

Fire-Rescue Department Mokra Gora performs all its activities within the Fire-Rescue Battalion Užice and Emergency Situations Department Užice and all necessary interventions with other battalion units.