The Temple of Saint Sava at Mećavnik

With the blessing of the Archbishop of Žiča, Chrysostom, construction work on the Temple of Saint Sava at Mećavnik began in 2003 and was dedicated to the Transfer of the Relics of Saint Sava (19th May). On 24th January 2005, it was consecrated when Archbishop Chrysostom held the first service.

The Temple is made entirely of wood, as is the bell tower next to it. The walls have pine cladding, and the church is covered by wood shingles.

The iconostasis is made of linden wood – sourced from in front of the oldest church in Mokra Gora, in Kršanje, dedicated to the Holy Ascension and believed to date from the 14th century. It was made by experts at the Petrović Woodwork Workshops in Belgrade, in the Byzantine style, and the decoration on the iconostasis is in the style of the ‘stone plastic of the Morava school’.

The icons are the work of Vesna Golubović, a painter from Banja Luka, whose mentor for her undergraduate and master’s studies was Professor Stojan Ćelić at Belgrade’s Faculty of Fine Arts. She mastered the ’Russian icon-painting technique’ in New York in Dmitri Andreyev’s workshop.

The liturgical books and communion chalices were bought in Moscow and, along with the church building and the land it is built on, are a gift from Maja and Emir Kusturica, the ktetors of this Temple.