‘A Serbian table’

A dining table piled high with tasty morsels from their own cuisine and delicacies boldly taken from other nations, guests helping themselves to as much as they want whenever they want… It’s hard for anyone to understand why, generally speaking, Serbs call this as a ‘Swedish table’.

The Swedes who have been to Mećavnik call a table laden with Serbian food, cooked the Serbian way, and with Serbian-sized ‘minimalist’ portions, a ‘Serbian table’.

Listening to guests during and after the ‘Kustendorf’ and ‘Bolshoi’ festivals, and numerous other events, we often ask ourselves, “Where did we go wrong?” They praise our films, our workshops, and our music… but it’s nothing compared to the way they rave about our food!

Be our guests! Come and help yourself to the food from the ‘Serbian table’!