The ski resort

All of Serbia’s ski centres have their own facilities for tourists, restaurants, cake shops, cafes, and hotels.

But only Mećavnik has its own ski resort!

Situated on Iver, the second highest peak of Mount Tara at 1490 m a.s.l., it is a 10 km drive from Mećavnik, either by car or in one of Lotika’s minibuses along roads that Lotika is responsible for maintaining and keeping free of snow.

At a time when it was inaccessible to vehicles even in the summer because there weren’t any roads, Emir Kusturica arrived at Iver in the middle of winter, when the snow was at its deepest, wearing traditional woollen socks and rubber boots on his feet, riding on a – snowmobile.

This one-day expedition, or more precisely this struggle for life in the deep snowdrifts, resulted in a comfortable armchair beside the open fire of the Hotel ‘Iver’ nestling among seven ski runs spread over 20 hectares.