Achievements of the civilized world

Just a few hundred metres away from the habitats of bears, wild boar, deer and wolves, wireless internet is available in the old wooden houses of Mećavnik, along with all kinds of fibre-optic communication, mobile telephony, cable TV, electricity, running water, and a sewer system.

The commencement of construction at Mećavnik coincided with the development of an infrastructure, which follows the model of similar tourist resorts in Switzerland.

And the first artificial snow-making system in Serbia? It was right here at Mećavnik, at the Iver Ski Resort, whose water supply and sewer system are the highest in Serbia – at 1400 m above sea level.

Mećavnik, like New York, has its own heliport, which serves a dual purpose: those who don’t have much time can get here in a jiffy, while it allows for a speedy response in emergencies.