Мећавник је, сам по себи, већ довољна атракција именом, визуелним идентитетом, архитектуром и људима који су га саградили ”упркос”, а не ”захваљујући” нечему, умећима отргнутим од заборава коме подлеже народна градитељска традиција, особљем које у највећем броју нити је школовано за угоститеље, нити се ишколовало, ако јесте ишло у такву школу, али које би, после десет година заједничког рада са гостима, пожелео сваки хотел.

Achievements of the civilized world

Just a few hundred metres away from the habitats of bears, wild boar, deer and wolves, wireless internet is available in the old wooden houses of Mećavnik, along with all kinds of fibre-optic communication, mobile telephony, cable TV, electricity, running water, and a sewer system. The commencement of construction at

‘A Serbian table’

A dining table piled high with tasty morsels from their own cuisine and delicacies boldly taken from other nations, guests helping themselves to as much as they want whenever they want… It’s hard for anyone to understand why, generally speaking, Serbs call this as a ‘Swedish table’. The Swedes who

A barn, a dairy and greenhouses…

…With a fish farm – a work in progress that will be stocked with brown trout! These are all vital parts of a medieval fiefdom where the vassal grew and produced all that was necessary for life, if ‘life’ was all about nourishment and survival. Anyway… the concept of Kusturica’s

The ski resort

All of Serbia’s ski centres have their own facilities for tourists, restaurants, cake shops, cafes, and hotels. But only Mećavnik has its own ski resort! Situated on Iver, the second highest peak of Mount Tara at 1490 m a.s.l., it is a 10 km drive from Mećavnik, either by car


The smell of leather seats, the odour of stale air from the previous screening, ticket touts loitering outside the entrance, heckling from the stalls to those in the balcony and vice versa… Sound familiar? If not, then you won’t remember the little glass bottles of pop from a snack bar

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