Осим стандардне ресторанске понуде, у свим нашим објектима може се уговорити посебан мени за групе, обедовање у природи, свечани ручак или вечера, може се обезбедити ”затварање” сала за остале госте, посебна декорација за свечане догађаје (венчања, јубилеји…), организација музичког, плесног или фолклорног програма

The Kapor Bar

If he could have, Momo Kapor would have spent every breathing moment in the bars and pubs where he sat with friends, writing and creating – in other words, being bohemian. Momo Kapor will never leave this bar on Mećavnik, which he loved beyond words, as he did Kusturica. As

Ćorkan’s Cake Shop

At Ćorkan’s, one of Ivo Andrić’s heroes, Mećavnik’s guests can enjoy cakes, pastries and drinks from Andrić’s time. It was a time not so long ago – certainly when you think of when the recipes for Turkish delicacies like baklava (layers of filo pastry and chopped nuts, drenched in sweet

Konak Café

More of a café than a pizzeria, it is located at Diego Armando Maradona Square under the same roof as the ‘Damned Yard’ Cultural and Sports Centre and is the most popular place at Mećavnik. Konak’s pizzas are prepared to an authentic Italian recipe and its drinks menu offers only

Viscounts Restaurant

You could call this restaurant a library and a wine cellar, too, seeing as how the entire length of its main wall is stacked from floor to ceiling with an assortment of several thousand bottles of the finest wines and the same number of books, if not more. That wall

Lotika Restaurant

The menu in this restaurant is adorned with traditional Serbian dishes and to make things even more special all the food and drinks that are served are homemade – there are no brand-name goods. Most of the vegetables served are grown in Emir Kusturica’s fields and greenhouses, while the milk