Хотел који има своју шталу са 30 крава које се не хране индустријском храном, млекар са производњом кајмака, сира и киселог млека на планински начин, стадо оваца на планинским пашњацима, органско поврће из сопствених пластеника, органске малињаке и воћњаке са плодовима који се прерађују у властитој ”сокари”…?
Тешко је и замислити.
Доживети и пробати?
На Мећавнику!


A few hundred metres from Mećavnik, on the road to the Iver Ski Resort, alongside the barn and the hayloft, stands the dairy – a masonry building with walls clad in Herzegovinian stone where milk, sour milk, cream, and cheese are produced for use in Mećavnik’s restaurants. The milk used


In the barn of Emir Kusturica’s farmstead, a stone’s throw from Mećavnik, a breed of native cows are reared – Gatačko cattle. This breed is above all characterised by its exceptional quality of milk, but, unlike purebred cows, milk yield is lower. The cattle originates from Gatačko Polje in Herzegovina


On the left bank of the Beli Rzav in Mokra Gora, in Barakovac, we find the greenhouses and fields of Emir Kusturica’s farmstead. This is where the vegetables are grown, pesticide-free, for use in Mećavnik’s restaurants. Tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, onions, spinach and cabbages – all fresh vegetables which are used

The juicery

The fruit juices – or ‘mushy fruit nectar’ to give the types of juice that were produced by ‘Biorevolucija’ their official Serbian name – that could be drunk at Mećavnik until recently, will soon be available for guests to enjoy once again. Raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry and sour cherry juice