The heliport in Drvengrad (Timbertown) on Mećavnik is open for public use.

It is located in Drvengrad, west of the route Užice – Kremna – Višegrad, at the geographical coordinates (WGS-84 datum):

Latitude: 43° 47′ 42.92″
Longitude: 19° 30′ 27.72″

The heliport is equipped for both day and night operations.

Helicopters are available to hire. Terms and conditions depend on the number of passengers and the flight route.

For larger groups, we can provide transport with an appropriate number of helicopters.

It is possible to organise transfers from Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade (Surčin) to Mećavnik, as well as the use of Ponikve Airport (which can handle ATRs with 90 seats and smaller aircraft), with Customs and Passport Control at the airport (organised by Mećavnik) for international flights.

Ponikve Airport lies to the east of Mećavnik, 15 kilometres away as the crow flies, and helicopter transfers from the airport to Mećavnik can be arranged.

Mećavnik can also arrange transfer by road. The distance is 30 kilometres.

For further information: info@mecavnik.info